I recently spent the day with a number of other people learning about how to create a personal blog. Our fearless leader, Cris Goode, author of GoodenessGracious.com, walked us through creating a name and setting up a personal blog on blogspot.com. We talked about details, blog etiquette, connecting with other bloggers in the blogging world and framing the message that we wish to share. My dashboard looks great. I’ve chosen a name and a background I really like.

Now comes the hard part — deciding whether I want to commit to nurturing my own personal blog and actually writing regular posts. I’ll admit part of me is really scared about the commitment. My due dates for blog entries for The Arc of Indiana regularly pop up on my calendar, sometimes with irritating frequency. I always struggle with what to write about, will anyone want to read it, and will I have something valuable to say?

During my day job I spend most of my day talking with others about programs and services for people who have developmental disabilities. I am comfortable talking to people I haven’t met and connecting with them often because of our shared experience of having children or siblings who have disabilities. It is the thought of having a writing commitment or deadline of sorts that causes me to pause. Even though my children sometimes remind each other that I was an English teacher in my former life, I have never really seen myself as a writer.

So, for now, I am going to take Cris’ suggestion and keep my blog conversational. Perhaps by sharing stories about my family and my work, I can find another way to connect with families including those who have someone with a disability. Or, perhaps more importantly, just find a way to connect with others.

If you care to join me on this blogging adventure you can find my blog at OnlyRoomForOnePrincess@blogspot.com.   Learn more about The Arc’s blogging project and find links to all of the bloggers, in ”Follow the Bloggers!” If you would like to join a network of bloggers who are blogging about disability issues or about individuals who have disabilities and/or their families, contact me at jginn@arcind.org.

Jill Ginn is The Arc of Indiana’s Manager of The Arc Network

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