I am not alone!

We just finished a wonderful weekend at the Autism NOW Midwest Regional Summit.  It was amazing how many times families and self-advocates shared how relieved they were to feel that they are not alone in what they are going through.  You cannot underestimate the power of community and what it felt like for people to make connections.

People from across the region participated – many for the very first time – meeting with other families and individuals with autism and other disabilities in inspiring and uplifting discussions. 

A mother shared with me that she quit going to support group meetings as it left her more depressed than encouraged.  “This is different,” she said, “I am ready to get involved and know it is up to me.”

In these turbulent times, we often find oursevelves faced with very significant challenges.  As one of my early mentors shared with me, ”We often sit and talk to ourselves about our problems instead of what we are going to do about solving them, and that means talking to others.”

What a great reminder of what brought us together, made us grow and what coming togehter will help us continue to do during trying times.

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