Last week The Arc of Indiana kicked off the next phase of the Pathways Campaign, announcing five initiatives that are now the focus of this collaborative effort to redefine Indiana’s system of programs and services for people with developmental disabilities:

  • Use What You Need
  • Look to Work – from Paid to Volunteer
  • Realize Gifts
  • Support Resourcefulness
  • Shift the Power – What Works/What doesn’t Work

As the Pathways Campaign moves forward, we must also continue the important work of helping people access services that are currently available.  This includes assuring that people continue to move off waiting lists, assuring that the state provides Medicaid waivers to people facing an emergency or crisis and to young adults who have “aged out” of children’s residential services, and helping individuals and families receiving new Waiver allocations through the new Objective Based Allocation system.  

Despite these difficult economic times, a report from the Bureau of Development Disabilities Services shows that 102 new people were able to receive Medicaid waiver services in October.  

BDDS October Medicaid Waiver Report
New People Served 

  5 –  Autism Waiver Waiting List
14 –  DD Waiver Waiting List
12 –  Loss of Primary Caregiver
  8 –  Caregiver Aged 80 or Older
16 -  SSW / Special Education Current Graduates
31 -  SSW / Special Education Graduates on Waiting List
16 -  SSW / Waiting List
102  New people served  

With waiting lists now reaching over 20,000 people, the wait for too many families remains too long. While we are working for systems change through the Pathways Campaign, we remain committed to advocating for and working with the state to move as many people as possible off waiting lists each month, and to providing Medicaid waivers to those facing emergency, crisis or an end to school aged residential programs.  We also remain committed to helping individuals and families through the new Objective Based Allocation system.   

We are here to help.  Contact us at 800-382-9100 or and we can direct you to a family advocate in your area through The Arc Network.   

We also need your help.  If you have not done so already, join us in the Pathways Campaign. You can keep up-to-date by signing up to receive our E-Newsletters, joining us on Facebook, and attending one of the regional forums we are hosting on the campaign that will begin in February.  

You can help us and others learn what is working for you or what is working in your community to support people with developmental disabilities in new or innovative ways – despite these difficult economic times – by sharing a story, photo, or video on the Innovation section of our Pathways web site; and you can learn from each other through the Message Boards on the Pathways web site.   

These are indeed challenging times, but also exciting times.  Working together, I am convinced we can and will achieve positive change.

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